Ancient Town (PhốXưa): A Taste of Traditional Vietnam

Ancient Town (PhốXưa) is monument to both cultural and culinary preservation. In the heart of downtown Da Nang, the peaks of traditional Vietnamese huts give way to a stunning two story Cham monument accented with statues of sitting Ganesh and flying Apsaras.

Hand-carved wooden tables and chairs dot the serene garden as a bubbling stream colored by the flashing of coy fish winds through. The waitresses glide by in silk embroidered ao dais balancing trays of local cuisine, carefully crafted to preserve the original taste. The banh beo here is still made by hand in traditional clay pots over open flame.

This place is as much of a gallery and museum as it is a restaurant. The work of local artists hangs on the walls depicting ancient themes like blooming lotuses and ancient script. The second story displays two beautiful head-high vases and an ornate carving in praise of the old kings.

Just to the right visitors can check out the in-house boutique clothing shop. Upstairs an air-conditioned false cave acts as a tearoom. Little packets of elegantly wrapped teas line the cave walls.

The atmosphere at Ancient Town gives off a tranquil air. Come visit this oasis in the middle of the city for a relaxing meal and a window into the original cultures and traditions of the Vietnamese people.

Address 1: 17 Phan Dinh Phung, Da Nang  – Phone number: 0236 3849727
Address 2: 111 3/2 Street, Da Nang – Phone number: 0236 3 887 494
Address 3: 306 ThangLong, Da Nang – Phone number: 0236 3 624 172
Working hours: 6am – 10pm